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Tuesday, March 12, is the date for the spring general career fair, which CS co-sponsors with the Career Services office. Career Services has been looking for a new location on campus larger than Sayles Hall, but smaller than the Athletic Center, where it was last held. For this event they've settled on Alumnae Hall, which, as Goldilocks would appreciate, is just right. It's not too far from the CS department either.

While the size and location of the hall are perfect, early access constraints have been cause for a little creative thinking at CS about the schedule for student demos. Since corporate reps are unable to get into Alumnae Hall to set up until 11:30, we'll now be running student demos from 12:00 to 1:30 and will be inviting participants interested in seeing the demos to eat their box lunches over here, rather than in the event venue, as they usually do. The demos are a highpoint of the day for our corporate visitors and a fun experience for the students themselves. Demos will be set up by students in Steve Reiss's CS190 class (Software System Design) as well as by some of Spike Hughes' students in CS 224 (Interactive Computer Graphics). Virtual Reality demos in the CAVE will also be available and a video of current graphics work will run continuously in the Lubrano conference room.

Traditionally, Industrial Partner companies attending job fairs eat lunch with CS faculty at the Faculty Club. This time, they'll eat box lunches in the department, see demos, attend the job fair from 1:30-4:30, and are then invited to an early 5pm dinner at the Faculty Club with CS faculty and the student demoers. We're hoping our Industrial Partners will consider this a welcome and novel change from routine and that a leisurely dinner with good company trumps bucking rush-hour traffic on I95!