The Paris C. Kanellakis Memorial Lecture Series

This lecture series honors Paris Kanellakis, a distinguished computer scientist who was an esteemed and beloved member of Brown CS. Paris joined us in 1981 and became a full professor in 1990. His research area was theoretical computer science, with an emphasis on the principles of database systems, logic in computer science, the principles of distributed computing, and combinatorial optimization. 

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Previous Lectures

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Date Topic Speaker           
2022 Balls, Bins and Server Farms Eli Upfal (Brown CS)
2020 Back to basics – the future of Search Sridhar Ramaswamy (Neeva, Greylock Partners)
2019 Learning from Censored and Dependent Data Constantinos Daskalakis (MIT)
2018 Algorithms: Theory meets Practice Robert E. Tarjan (Princeton)
2017 Below P vs. NP: Conditional Quadratic-Time Hardness for Big Data Problems Piotr Indyk (MIT)

Professor Donald Knuth Days At Brown: A Celebration Of Computer Science

Donald Knuth (Stanford)

The Cryptographic Lens

Shafi Goldwasser (MIT)


Laplacian Matrices of Graphs: Algorithms and Applications

Daniel Spielman (Yale)


Bursts, Cascades, and Hot Spots: A Glimpse of Some On-Line Social Phenomena at Global Scales

Jon Kleinberg (Cornell)


Differential Privacy: Thwarting Big Data's Evil Twin

Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft)


Quantum Computing: A Great Science in the Making

Andrew Yao (Tsinghua University)


From Philosophical to Industrial Logics

Moshe Vardi (Rice University)


Safety on the Wild and Wooly World-Wide Web: Sandboxing Untrusted JavaScript

John C. Mitchell (Stanford)

A Survey of Some Recent Research at the Border of Game Theory and Theoretical Computer Science

Anna Karlin (University of Washington)

A hardware-design inspired methodology for parallel programming

Arvind (MIT)

Whole Genome Sequencing and Imaging-Based Systems Biology

Eugene Myers (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

Geiometric Optics, Linear Programming and Congestion in Sensornets

Richard Karp (UC Berkeley)

Hyper-Encryption via Virtual Satellite

Michael Rabin (Harvard)


Reconfigurable Atomic Memory for Dynamic Networks

Nancy Lynch (MIT- delivered by Alex Shvartsman)

Algorithmic Problems in the Internet

Christos Papadimitriou (UC Berkeley)

Progress in System Modeling and Testing

Mihalis Yannakakis (Avaya Laboratories)