Sunlab Consultants

The consultants support the machines and users in the Sunlab and the MSlab. The consultant on duty sits at 9a, the machine nearest the door when you enter the Sunlab. 

The consultants also maintain other labs throughout the department when there is need. CIT 201 is currently used for this purpose. 

The Project and Financial Manager and head consultants manage the Sunlab, MSlab, and the student consulting staff.

New consultants are hired for the following year each spring semester. Hiring is conducted by the Project and Financial Manager and head consultants. Occasionally, if vacancies need to be filled, one or more additional consultants will be hired in December.


Consultant Hiring Schedule

Sunlab consultant applications are currently open! Click here to apply.

Current Consultants

Name:   Login:
Nicholas Vadasz   nvadasz
Richard Tang   rtang26
Dylan Hu   dhu24
Adam Bredvik   abredvik
Nick Bottone   nbottone
Melvin He   mhe36
Damir Kulzhanov   dkulzhan
Christian Armstrong   carmstr8
Alexander Mazansky   amazansk