CSCI 1800: Cybersecurity and International Relations

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Cybersecurity and International Relations course. This is Brown's oldest course on cybersecurity policy and was developed by Dr. John Savage, one of the co-founders of Brown's Computer Science Department.

Cybersecurity and International Relations is now taught by Professor Ernesto Zaldivar, one of the co-founders of Brown's Master of Science in Cybersecurity program. Professor Zaldivar redeveloped the course in Spring 2022.

The course is available to students from the College and the Graduate School. Students from undergraduate, master's, and PhD programs throughout Brown can start their study of cybersecurity with this course if they'd like--the course assumes no previous knowledge about the topic, but provides a rigorous learning experience that examines the complexity of the cyber threat landscape and international relations.

If you're a student at Brown and are interested in taking this course or are currently enrolled in it, please note that we will be utilizing a Canvas course website. This page shares basic information about the course for students at Brown as well as members of the public that might be interested in learning more about the CS Department's cybersecurity course offerings.