Windows Remote Desktop Cluster

Tstaff is providing a Windows remote desktop cluster for linux users who needs casual access to Windows only applications like Office 2016, Acrobat Pro, firefox, and  Filemaker pro. The remote desktop cluster is meant for users who do not have a Windows machine and need access to those Windows software. It is not a substitute for full blown Windows machine.

The remote desktop cluster consists of a Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 64bit server running on CIS VMware server. It is bound to  AD.BROWN.EDU domain. It  has a very limited set of software applications installed. The remote destkop server is accessible only within the CS department.

To connect to the Windows remote desktop cluster from linux, use the rdesktop command as follows:

rdesktop -d

When prompted to log in, click on the your username icon and enter your password. Log onto the Windows remote desktop cluster using your Brown Account credential since it bound to the AD.BROWN.EDU domain.

By default, the geometry for rdesktop client is 1024x768. If you want a larger screen for the rdesktop connection, use -g and specifiy the geometry i.e. 1200x900. Refer to the man pages for more options.

Remote Desktop Policy Setting

The remote desktop server has the following policy set for all rdesktop connection:
Idle User Connection Session Limit: 1 hr
End a Disconnected Session: 15 Minutes
User rdesktop connection which has been idle for 1 hour will be disconnect from the server. Disconnected rdesktop session will be terminated after 15 minutes of disconnection.

Please email with comments and questions.