Color Large Format Printer

The department has a color large format printer, the HP Designjet Z5200.  Located in CIT 475 which is only opened during normal business hours ( 8:30am - 5:00pm during Fall/Spring semester and 8:00am - 4:00pm during Summer Hours), the clf4hq print queue on the printhost server is available. However, please email to request access to the printer.

Course related poster printing must be requested by a course TA or instructor.

The maximum paper size for the clf4hq printer is a 42.1", with the other dimension limited only by the length of the paper remaining on the roll.  A custom paper size setting, which is application specific, must be created by the user, as it is part of their environment.

Printer Driver

Download the HP Designjet Z5200 printer driver from  the HP website. Drivers are platform specific so pick the correct driver for the OS and architecture running on your system.  We recommend the PS driver for compatibility reasons.

Recommendations for Creating a Poster

Probably the most common applications that allow easy printout parameter tweaking are Photoshop and GIMP.  When creating a poster with any tool it is important to use the correct project dimension, pixel density and high resolution source content for the intended physical size of the resulting poster.  Altneratively, vector graphics can be used, as they can usually be scaled to any size.

Large posters should have a pixel density of at least 300dpi for the base project as well as any images or other content that will be added to the poster.  Scaling up a low resolution source to proportions appropriate for a large poster will result in a blurry printout.

Printing the Poster with a Desired Size

The best option for printing a roughly 16x9 aspect ratio poster is to set your custom paper size to 41" x 30.5".  Then start with or scale up your project to match those dimensions at 300dpi (600dpi max) will likely result in a somewhat large project, but an exported jpg, png or tiff with compression turned on will help expedite the process.  Larger files will take longer to transfer when the print job is started.

It is also possible to create/print a poster with tools like Acrobat or Power Point. But, these tools are not always the most convenient when it comes to creating projects of larger dimensions.