Database Services

Our database servers rely on highly available PostgreSQL clusters running pgpool2. Users will connect to a database proxy server, which interacts with the back-end database server cluster. All databases are periodically backed-up.

If you require immediate or custom database services, please contact the CS Department's technical staff at

Future Database Accounts and Authentication

We are currently developing a new PostgreSQL cluster. Users will use a web-based form on the CS department website to manage their databases. Keep a lookout here for information during Fall 2020.

Databases may be created by any of our users for either research or course work.

PostgreSQL Tutorials / Help

We suggest TutorialsPoint for a good set of PostgreSQL tutorials. Visit the postgresql website for more extensive documentation.

Help in the Command Line

Postgresql has built-in help information. For "meta" commands (such as \c), issue the command


For help with SQL syntax, use