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SPOCs (Systems Programmer, Operator, and Consultants) assist in the installation, maintenance, development, and documentation of local software. In addition, they represent the off-hours technical support staff, and assist with administrative tasks.

How to get help

In general, the best way to get help is to email problem@cs… (more info.) This helps us deal with problems most efficiently.

If an issue needs immediate attention, you can try reaching a SPOC. You can see who's around the building by running spoc-info from the command line, or try our office (CIT 502, phone x3-7628.) The Sunlab consultant (x3-7721) may also be able to help you locate a SPOC.

On nights, weekends, and holidays, at least one SPOC will always be responsible for reading submitted problem tickets ("remote coverage"). On weeknights, a SPOC will also be in the building to deal with requests in person.

Current Schedule

The schedule is available as a Google Calendar:

Additional support resources