Color Large Format Printer

The department recently bought a color large format printer, the HP Designjet Z5200.  The printer is located in CIT 475 which is only opened during normal business hours ( 8:30am - 5:00pm during Fall/Spring semster and 8:00am - 4:00pm during Summer Hours).  The clf4hq print queue on the printhost server is restricted to faculty and graduate students group for now. Please email to request access to the printer.  Course related poster printing must be requested by course TA or faculty.

The default paper size set for the clf4hq printer is a 42.1in width x 32.5in height.  The HP Universal Semi-gloss Photo paper with a 42.1in max width is currently loaded on the printer. Please set your only custom page size when printing to clf4hq if you want a page bigger than the 42.1in width x 32.5.1in height page size.  The custom page size setting is application specific. 


Printer Driver

Download the HP Designjet Z5200 printer driver from  the HP website. Drivers are platform specific so pick the correct driver for the OS and architecture running on your system.  We recommend the PS driver for compatibility reason.

Printing From a Managed Linux System

The clf4hq print queue is available on any managed Linux system if you have permission to access it.  To see if your account has access to the clf4hq queue, run: lpstat -p clf4hq

Printing From a Managed Windows System

Since the clf4hq queue is restricted to certain groups, the clf4hq printer is not automatically mapped during the Windows logon.  Users with local Windows administrator privilege can map to the clf4hq printer manually via the samba share \\\clf4hq.  Be forewarned, the samba driver for this printer is a generic postscript driver since all the printers on the samba server share the same printer driver. It is best to install the HP Designjet z5200 printer driver locally and map the clf4hq printer using the remote printer URL below.

Remote Printing

In order to print to clf4hq on from a remote system, i.e. a laptop, you must connected through the CS vpn.  The IPP protocol should be use to connect to from a remote system.  The remote system must have the HP Designjet Z5200 driver installed locally before attempting to map to the printer.  You can connect to the printer using the following Device URL:

 ipp:// or 

The Device URL you use depend on which platform you're connecting from. 

On a Windows7 system, map using the Device URL: 

On a Linux or MacOS X system, map the printer using ipp://

Releasing Your Print Job

If you send a job to this printer from a remote machine, you must release the print job through the clf4hq web interface, from a departmentally managed machine or while connected to the VPN, using your LDAP credentials. After releasing your print job through the web interface, you'll get an error message stating "****". This is a bug in CUPS and will not affect your job being released. Print jobs are held by default because this is an expensive printer to operate and we do not want jobs printed by mistake.

Recommended Application for Printing Poster

The application that allows the most printer parameter tweaking is adobe reader on Linux or Windows.  With reader, there is an option to fit the custom paper size of the media automatically.

Recommended Application for Editing Image

For Windows users, Adobe Photoshop is very good image editor.  For Linux users, Gimp is a solid choice. 

Printing the Poster with a Desired Size

Best way to print the poster with the  desired size  is use Photoshop or Gimp to re-size the image to the desired size in inches.  Convert the image with the desired size image to pdf and use Adobe reader to print it to the large format printer.