On Linux

You can access CIFS from a computer on the self managed network or while connected to the VPN. The smbclient command provides a FTP-like command based interface.For instance, if you would like access your home:

To mount using smbclient, run:

smbclient -U cs.brown.edu/<username> //cifs.cs.brown.edu/<share >

You can also mount a CIFS share using mount.cifs, which is part of the cifs.utils package:

sudo mount -t cifs //cifs.cs.brown.edu/<share> <mountpoint> -o username=username  -o domain=cs.brown.edu

<share> is the path to be mounted. i.e. dfs/home/<username> to mount your home directory or just dfs to mount the entire file system.

<mountpoint> is the path to an empty directory on your local filesystem which must exist before running the mount command. After mounting, you can use this directory to access the CIFS share.

To unmount when you're done, run:

sudo umount.cifs <mountpoint>