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Enrollment Soars: 1 In 5 Students Is Taking A Brown CS Course

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As enrollment in Brown CS courses continues to accelerate, a few statistics help give a sense of the tremendous year-on-year growth:

  • One in six Brown undergraduates took a CS course last year. This year, it's one in five.
  • Not only have total enrollments increased by 990 students in the past four years, more than 40% of that growth was in the last year alone.

Individual courses also show remarkable expansion:

  • CS 33 (formerly CS 31) has increased from 128 to 286 students in four years, more than doubling its enrollment
  • CS 15 has grown by more than 20% just in the past year, reaching a record-setting 391 students.
  • CS 1300 had 52 students two years ago, then 160 students last year. This year, it has 293.