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Pedro Felzenszwalb Given Joint Faculty Appointment with Computer Science and Engineering


    The Department is pleased to announce the addition of Associate Professor Pedro Felzenszwalb as a new faculty member jointly appointed to the CS Department and the School of Engineering. He started at Brown in September after serving as a Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. Pedro’s research is focused on computer vision, a field that uses algorithms and modeling to teach machines how to see. Computer vision has important applications, including robotics and artificial intelligence, medical image analysis and computer graphics, as well as aiding our understanding of human perception and intelligence.

    “We are thrilled that Pedro has joined Brown and will be spending some of his time in our department,” said Department Chair Roberto Tamassia.

    Pedro received his undergraduate degree from Cornell and earned his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined the faculty at Chicago in 2004 and was elevated to associate professor four years later.

    “I am very excited to be joining Brown,” Pedro said. “I look forward to building new collaborations and to contribute to the excellent research and educational environment of the university.”