Sunlab Consultants

The consultants support the machines and users in the Sunlab and the MSlab. The consultant on duty sits at 9a, the machine nearest the door when you enter the Sunlab. 

The consultants also maintain other labs throughout the department when there is need. CIT 201 is currently used for this purpose. 

The Manager Computing Facilities, Administration and Finance and head consultants manage the Sunlab, MSlab, and the student consulting staff.

New consultants are hired for the following year each spring semester. Hiring is conducted by the Manager Computing Facilities, Administration and Finance and head consultants. Occasionally, if vacancies need to be filled, one or more additional consultants will be hired in December.

Consultant Hiring Schedule

Sunlab consultant applications are currently closed.

Current Consultants

Name   Login
Adarsh Sridhar Narayanan   as82
Andrew Wagner   awagner
Sandy Harvie   charvie
Colm Kilcoin   ckilcoin
David Dusabirane   ddusabir
Dalton Thuku   dthuku
Emily Kasbohm   ekasbohm
Fredrick Mandela   fmandela
Giovanni Pittalis   gpittali
Harsh Chandra   hc70
Jearson Alfajardo   ja43
Jamie DeMaria   jdemari1
Julian Levy-Myers   jlevymye
Jerome Ramos   jr98
Jared Cohen   jtc2
Natalie Tsvetkova   ntsvetko
Ryan Hecht   rhecht
Simran Arora   sarora2
Sahakait Benyasut   sbenyasu
Shingo Lavine   slavine
Victor Chang   vchang2