Requirements for the A.B. Degree

Concentration Prerequisites (1 or 2 courses)


Two semesters of Calculus (e.g. MATH 90 and 100, or MATH 170).

Concentration Requirements (9 courses)

Core CS

One introductory course sequence is required:

Three intermediate courses must be taken, of which one must be math-oriented and one must be systems-oriented:

Additional Courses

Four additional courses in computer science or related areas are required. Three must be advanced courses (i.e., at the 1000-level or higher), the fourth may be either an intermediate-level course not used to satisfy a core requirement or an advanced course. The advanced courses must include a pair of courses with a coherent theme. A list of pre-approved pairs may be found at the approved-pairs web page. You are not restricted to pairs on this list, but any pair not on the list must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies.

Note: CSCI 1450 may be used either as a math-oriented intermediate course or as an advanced course. CSCI 1450 was formerly known as CSCI 450: they are the same course and hence only one may be taken for credit. Applied Math 1650 may be used in place of CSCI 1450. However, concentration credit will be given for only one of Applied Math 1650 and CSCI 1450.

Professional Track

Click here for the requirements for the professional track.