(Formerly CSCI1950-P)

Cybersecurity and International Relations

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Location:Friedman 202 / Remote asynch sec 2
Meeting Time:K hr: T,Th 2:30-3:50
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Most years


Given the global reach of the Internet, the numerous vulnerabilities exhibited by computers and networks, and our dependence on these technologies for personal, commercial and governmental use, cybersecurity has become a global problem. The response of many nations to the need to protect their critical infrastructures has been primarily to create military units with cyber-based offensive and defensive capabilities. Nations have also engaged in limited diplomatic efforts to reduce cybercrime and encourage development of a culture of cybersecurity.

In this course we provide an introduction to the technologies of the Internet, computers, and databases that is sufficient to understand the policy issues that arise in cyberspace. The policy issues explored concern security and stability of the Internet, protection of privacy via proxies, anonymizers and encryption, cyber conflict and deterrence, and measures designed to encourage the peaceful use of cyberspace.

The course will involve lectures on cyberspace technologies, international agreements and policy studies, guest lectures by policy experts on international issues, and discussions of strategies that might be deployed to encourage the development of international agreements to encourage the peaceful use of cyberspace.

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