A Data-Centric Introduction to Programming

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Meeting Time:MWTh 9:00-11:40 AM
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Occasionally


An introduction to computer programming with a focus on skills needed for data-intensive applications. Topics include core constructs for processing both tabular and structured data; decomposing problems into programming tasks; data structures; algorithms; and testing programs for correct behavior. This course is not intended for CS concentrators. In particular, it does not substitute for CSCI 0150, 0170, or 0190.

Intended Audience: Students entering the Data Science MS program without (much) prior background in programming and computer science. Course is also open to others who are interested in an introductory CS course (but not CS concentrators).

Prerequisites: High-school algebra. The course does not assume prior background in programming or computer science.

CRN: 60081