WebEx allows multiple individuals or groups to share information on-line. Through this service you can schedule, manage and attend robust on-line meetings. Features include desktop, document and application sharing (screen sharing), chat rooms, crowd polling, video sharing all in addition is main function, video conferencing.

Get An Account

Go to the Brown Webex Request Host page. Note that this account is not connected to your other Brown accounts and you should not use the same password.

How does it work

WebEx is a Java based applet that runs in a web browser on a computer or through an applet on a web connected smartphone.



Who can be a Host

Host accounts are for faculty and staff only. But, anyone can participate in a Webex meeting, even if they are not affiliated with brown and/or do not have a Brown account.

Create/Connect to a meeting with your WebEx account

To log in as a host, go to Brown Meetings through WebEx and click the link at the top right labeled Host Login.

Connect WebEx as a guest

Go to Brown Meetings through WebEx"and click the link on the left labeled Unlisted Meeting. As a guest without an invitation, you will need a nine digit meeting number and possibly a password to connect to a meeting.

If you receive an invitation via email then all of the necessary information to connect along with a special link will be provided in that message.

Supported Operating System

Current WebEx works best through Windows and OSx. But, there are apps for Android and iOS phones as well. Linux support is touch, because WebEx only tests a select set of 32 bit Linux flavors. See their System Requirements page for more info.

Connection Types

Users have the option of connecting via the internet or telephone. Though, connecting via telephone limits the guest to an audio only connection.

Record a Meeting

As a host, you can record the meeting to the computer you are hosting from. The recording can be viewed later with the Webex meeting player available at the WebEx Downloads page.

More Info

For more information please visit the WebEx How-To page. There you will find tutorials and video walk-throughs on how to use all of the features found in WebEx.