This page contains information on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), ergonomic advice, and resources available in the Brown community. The advice here should not be used in lieu of contacting a medical professional.

Additional resources are available in the Department of Computer Science through the "ergo merc": we have a pool of keyboards and mice that you can use to evaluate before buying and lots of practical advice on RSI prevention, treatment, insurance difficulties, etc. Please email the ergo merc if you have any questions or need assistance.

What is RSI? 

What you should do if you feel pain 
Treatment and recovery 
A special note on Laptops
List of ergonomic equipment in the pool 
Books, Links and other Resources 

Brown resources

Brown University Safety Specialist:
	Stephanie Santucci (401) 863 1522 
Brown Health Services (401) 863-3953 
Student and Employee Accessibility Services (401) 863-9588 
Brown Psychological Services (401) 863-3476 
Office of Insurance and Purchasing Services (401) 863-9481

Quick healthy working tips

Modifying your behavior to practice healthy work habits (along with regular work breaks, described here) will vastly help you prevent and recover from typing injury. Take the time to look down at your hands occasionally to make sure your forearms are in neutral, prone positions (straight lines, as depicted below) and not twisted or bent. It can take weeks or months to re-train yourself, but this process is essential to preventing pain and injury.