The 28th IPP Symposium

Component Software & Technologies

November 1, 2001

Schedule and Brochure (pdf format)


and Registration <DD>4th Floor, CIT Building

<DT>9:15  Introductions and Overview <DD>Tom Dean, CS Chairman <DD>John Savage, IPP Director <DD>Shriram Krishnamurthi, Host

<DT>9:45  Components: Where We Are, Why We Got Here and Where We Might Go <DD>Shriram Krishnamurthi

<DT>10:45  Optimizing Component Interaction <DD>Mark Wegman, IBM Watson

<DT>11:45  The Exploratories Project <DD>Jean Laleuf, CS Graphics Group


<DT>1:30  Better Separation of Crosscutting Concerns with Aspectual Components <DD>Karl Lieberherr, Northeastern University

<DT>2:30  From libern.a toCOM to Knit: Three Generations of Component Models for Low-level Systems <DD>Jay Lepreau, University of Utah

<DT>3:30  BREAK

<DT>3:45  Lottery Enterprise Open Systems Initiative at GTECH <DD>Mirek Kula, GTECH Corporation

<DT>4:30  Building Components on the Network <DD>Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems

<DT>5:30  RECEPTION (5th Floor) </DL>