The Teaching Assistant Program

Teaching Assistant Resources...

There are, of course, many reasons to be a TA. The fame. The glamour. The fact that all the cool kids do it. There is, however, another good reason to be a TA. As a teaching assistant, you get access to facilities that other students aren't allowed to use. While this isn't a reason on its own to TA, no one ever turned down a job because of the perks!

The TA rooms
There are several rooms available for use by TAs: The fishbowl (CIT 271) is on the second floor of the CIT, to the right of the doors. It contains 8 Linux workstations and two Windows machines, plus whiteboards. The Moonlab (CIT 227) is a classroom during the day, but is reserved for TA use most evenings. It has 5 Linux machines and 2 Windows. CIT 219 is also reserved for TA use most evenings, and has 2 Linux machines.

While these rooms are used for TA hours (generally between the hours of 6 and 12), off hours any TA is welcome to work in the rooms, using any of the facilities available. This is especially useful for those late nights when assignments are due soon, and the lab is either packed or closed. Card access is required for the fishbowl and TA office, which all TAs will recieve.

The TA office is also available and is so big that it gets its own web page.

Room 506 and other upstairs rooms are avilable to course staffs by reservation only, through the meta-TAs.

Card Access
In order to get to the copy room, you have to be able to get up to the fourth floor, and those of you don't have access to upstairs after hours may wonder how useful this is. Well, as a TA, you are automatically given building "card access". This gives you two things. One, it gets you into the cit 24 hours a day (your card opens the front door). It also gets you up to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors via the stairwell (this is also opened through a card reader). As a TA, you're just that cool!