TA Office (CIT 344)


The TA office is a place for TAs to work quietly on assignment development, grading, and quiet TA-related work in small groups. It is also a room where TAs can go to get their own work done during the day and in the evenings. This room is a really great thing. Be sure to take advantage of it!

On a very limited basis, the room can also be reserved for grading meetings when private lab space is required (or when other appropriate spaces are not available).

The room is not a space to help students; this is the purpose of other TA rooms (the fishbowl, the moonlab, and 219). It's also not a place to have private meetings with students. (In those situations, try to schedule the meetings during non-busy hours, have the students meet you at the fishbowl, and go up to 506 or a table on the 4th floor if you need more privacy.)

Other room policies are posted in the room, and TAs who work in there should take note.

All UTAs and HTAs are given access to this room through the department's card access system. If your card doesn't work, see kpk. 24-hour bulding access is also given to TAs (see akm).

Since this room is located on the third floor, after hours access will be controlled similarly to the fourth and fifth floors: your card will get you into the stairwell and out onto the third floor.


The room (when fully-populated) has 8 Maxbuilt Linux machines and 1 Maxbuilt Windows machine. If you have problems with these machines, contact the sunlab consultant. You can also mail problem.


General information and a (currently-disabled) room schedule is available here.

HTAs wanting to reserve the room for TA meetings should contact the Meta-TAs.

General questions and concerns should be reported to mta at cs dot brown dot edu.