Tech Report CS-93-23

CCEL: The C++ Constraint Expression Language: An Annotated Reference Manual, Version 0.5

Yueh-Hong Lin and Scott Meyers

May 1993


CCEL is a language for expressing constraints on the syntax and semantics of software systems written in C++. This manual formally defines the syntax and semantics of CCEL-I, which concerns itself with constraints on C++ declarations. Future versions of the report will describe CCEL-II, which will add to CCEL-I the ability to constrain definitions of functions and objects.

Although it does contain some examples of CCEL constraints, this manual is not a tutorial on the use of CCEL. Rather, it is a comprehensive reference manual on CCEL. It is intended to be to CCEL what Ellis' and Stroustrup's Annotated C++ Reference Manual is to C++.

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