Tech Report CS-92-34

A Framework for Dynamic Graph Drawing

R.F. Cohen, G. Battista, R. Tamassia, and I.G.Tollis

August 1992


Drawing graphs is an important problem that combines flavors of computational geometry and graph theory. Applications can be found in a variety of areas including circuit layout, network management, software engineering, and graphics.

The main contributions of this paper can be summarized as follows:


\item We devise a model for dynamic graph algorithms, based on performing queries and updates on an implicit representation of the drawing, and we show its applications.

\item We present several efficient dynamic drawing algorithms for trees, series-parallel digraphs, {planar $st$-digraph} s, and planar graphs. These algorithms adopt a variety of representations (e.g., straight-line, polyline, visibility), and update the drawing in a smooth way.


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