Tech Report CS-91-59

Combinatorial Optimization 1990: Lecture Notes

P. Klein (editor), P. Hubbard, P. Krishnan, G. Hillebrand, D. Langworthy, M. Goldwasser, A. Mayer, K. Basye, J. Borger, D. Luks, D.B. Conner, D. Cervone, S. Sairam, R. Ravi, A. Agrawal, R. Cohen and S. Rosenzweig

September 1991


This technical report consists of lecture notes for a seminar on combinatorial optimization held in fall 1990. The notes were edited by Philip Klein and written by members of the class. Editorial and organizational assistance was provided by Tina Cantor and Hsueh-I Lu.

(complete text in pdf)