Tech Report CS-90-19

A Method for the Specification and Parsing of Visual Languages

Eric J. Golin

May 1991


Visual programming languages use pictures formed from graphical elements as programs rather than strings of text. A visual program is a diagram specifying a computation. Examples of visual programming languages include many types of diagrams traditionally used within computer science, such as data flow diagrams, finite-state diagrams and flowcharts, as well as graphical methodologies developed for software engineering and new languages such as StateCharts developed to exploit the visual paradigm. One problem that has hampered research in visual programming languages is the lack of a syntax-definition mechanism. The specification of syntax and parsing of programs is well understood for textual programming languages. Both formal methods for syntax specification (e.g. context-free grammars) and practical tools (such as yacc) have proven valuable to language developers. Visual language syntax is more complicated because of the two-dimensional nature of the languages. Previous visual programming environments largely used {\em ad hoc} specifications and special-purpose structure editors to handle visual language syntax. The {\em attributed multiset grammar} is a formal model for generating languages that are collections of objects. {\em Picture layout grammars} are a specification mechanism for visual language syntax based on attributed multiset grammars. Using picture layout grammars, a language designer can define both the syntactic structure and the two-dimensional layout of a visual language. A {\em spatial parser} is an algorithm to recover the syntactic structure of a visual program from an unstructured picture representation. This dissertation develops the attributed multiset grammar model and gives a spatial parsing algorithm for picture layout grammars. It also describes the GREEN environment, which combines an object-oriented graphics editor with the spatial parser to form a grammar-based visual programming environment.

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