Tech Report CS-06-05

Extensible Profile-driven Data Dissemination

Olga Papaemmanouil, Yanif Ahmad, Ugur Cetintemel, John Jannotti, Yenel Yildirim

March 2006


In this paper we introduce XPORT (eXtensible Profile-driven Overlay Routing Trees), a profile-driven distributed data dissemination system that supports an extensible set of data types, profiles, and optimization metrics. XPORT efficiently implements a generic tree-based overlay network, which can be customized per application using a small number of methods that encapsulate application-specific data-profile matching, aggregation, and optimization logic. The clean separation between the "plumbing" and "application" enables XPORT to uniformly and easily support disparate dissemination-based applications such as content-based data feed dissemination and multicast-based content distribution.

We first present the basic XPORT model and its built-in methods. We then describe in detail XPORT's extensible optimization framework that facilitates easy specification of a wide range of useful performance goals. XPORT uses a continuous, adaptive optimization model to achieve these goals under changing network and application conditions. We finally demonstrate the flexibility and the effectiveness of XPORT through real-world data and results from both prototype-based LAN emulation and deployment on PlanetLab.

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