Tech Report CS-02-14

Color Rapid Prototyping for Scientific Visualization: Diffusion Tensor MRI Visualization and Topographical Exploration of Mars

Daniel Acevedo, Song Zhang, David Laidlaw, Andrew Forsberg, Prabhat and Christopher Bull



We describe work toward creating physical three-dimensional color models as visualization tools to support scientific research in Diffusion Tensor (DT) MRI visualization and terrain visualization of Mars. We provided scientists with Virtual Reality applications to visualize different aspects of their brain and terrain data, but having physical representations of those virtual models allows them to quickly review the data with a very robust, natural, and fast haptic interface: their own hands. Our initial results are encouraging. End users, neurologists and geologists, are excited about the possibilities these creations give them. For example, using them in conjunction with digital models, they provide a static frame of reference that helps keep the users oriented during their analysis.

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