The 41st IPP Symposium

Introducing TM into the "RealWorld"

Ulrich Drepper, Red Hat, Inc.

TM is a promising technology which can yield significant enhancements in ease-of-programming and performance. There is a huge, existing body of code out there which doesn't use this technology but still has to be used.

This talk will describe the perspective of an OS vendor and ways envisioned to gradually introduce TM into the life of programmers without disrupting the status quo, especially with respect to performance and complexity of the development progress.

Bio: Ulrich Drepper works for Red Hat for the last 13+ years and his current position is as a member of the office of the CTO. He also is technical director of the group responsible for the software development tools. In those positions he is responsible for the coordination on all details of low-level technology and architecture. He also is the maintainer and main author of the basic runtime libraries for Linux (C, thread, math, ...).

Talk slides