The 37th IPP Symposium

Operating Systems Technology and Brown Alumni

May 3, 2007


8:30  Breakfast and Registration
3rd Floor, CIT Building

9:30  Introduction and Overview
Tom Doeppner, Brown University

10:00  The Inculcation of Systems Thinking
Bryan Cantrill '96, Sun Microsystems

10:45 Break

11:00  Purpose-Built Languages in Systems Design
Michael Shapiro '96, Masters '97, Sun Microsystems

11:45  Run-Time Code Instrumentation: Maintaining the Illusion of Normalcy
Adam Leventhal '01, Sun Microsystems

12:30  Buffet Lunch
3rd Floor, CIT Building

1:30  Infrastructure for Personalized Search
Jeffrey Korn '94, Google

2:15  Appliances: High-Performance, Low-Maintenance Systems to Address Real-World Problems
Jason Lango '98, IronPort Systems

3:00  Break

3:15  ZFS: Developing a Next-Generation File System
Matthew Ahrens '01 and Eric Schrock '03, Sun Microsystems

4:00  Wrap-up session
3rd Floor, CIT Building

4:30  Reception
3rd Floor, CIT Building