AI Lunches

AI Lunches are a weekly informal gathering of professors, graduate students and undergraduate students who are interested in artificial intelligence research. The meetings are typically held during the semester, and there is usually a summer schedule as well. Currently, this semester (Fall '99) schedule is prevailing (Wednesdays at Noon in CIT 506 with some excpetions shown below). People are encouraged to bring their lunch to eat as we meet. The format of these discussions is very broad. Typical lunches have included all of the following:

If you see an open date and have an idea, would like to present your work or want to arrange an outside speaker, then send me email and I'll put you down. It can be work in progress, completed work or anything else AI related. It is a particularly good forum for getting feedback and critiques of research and talk presentations.

1999 Fall Schedule

Dates marked ``TBA'' are not yet scheduled and available.

September 9 Organizational Meeting
September 15 The overview of NLP research (part I) Eugene Charniak
September 22 IPP
September 24 Talk by Maarten van Dantzich [abstract]
September 29 The overview of NLP research (part II) Eugene Charniak
October 6 Departmental talk
October 13 Probabilistic Temporal Networks Joel Young [abstract]
October 18 Density Estimation and Markov Decision Processes Ronald Parr [abstract]
October 20 TBA
October 27 TBA
November 3 Variable Resolution Discretization in Optimal Control Remi Munos [abstract]
November 10 TBA
November 17 TBA
November 24 TBA
December 1 TBA
December 8 TBA


One of the more important and historic aspects of the lunch is that the presenters are required to provide cookies. Why else would the professors bother show up?

Past Lunch Topics

Mailing List

We have set up a mailing alias to facilitate contacting about schedule changes, reminders, etc. If you would like to be part of the mail alias send me email at If you would like to contact everyone on the mailing list just send email to

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