AI Lunch in the Spring of 1997

April 11: Talk by Jennette Wang from CMU on model checking. In Lubrano.
April 15: Neuro-Dynamic Programming - Anthony Cassandra.
April 18: PBS video on robots. "Robots Alive" Scientific American Frontiers - William Smart.
April 25: Non-parametric statistics for feature selection - William Smart.
May 2: Neverworld: An advance multi-user domain. Ian Horswill, Northwestern University.
May 9: Postponed due to various other talks this week.
May 16: Computer Chess - Robert Givan.
May 23: Postponed due to talk in Lubrano on model checking.
May 30: Learning Topological maps with weak local odometric information - Hagit Shatkay. To be held in CS Library.

Anthony Cassandra