AI Lunch: Fall 1995

AI Lunch in the Fall of 1995

September 1: TBD
September 8: Anthony R. Cassandra
Presenting the paper: "Probabilistic Robot Navigation in Partially Observable Environments" by Reid Simmons and Sven Koenig. This paper appeared in IJCAI 1995, Montreal, Canada.
September 15: Modelling the real world
September 22: Eugene Charniak
Discussion of Word Clustering Techniques.
September 29: Learning in HMMs discussion.
October 6: (Postponed due to Yi-Jing Lin's thesis defense.)
October 13: Shieu-Hong Lin
IJCAI paper or relevant research discussion.
October 20: Discussion with Ken Ford
October 27: Oval table discussion of round table times.
November 3: Planning and Satisfiability
November 10: Pre-empted for talk in Lubrano.
November 17: Pre-empted for John Guttag's talk
November 24: Thanksgiving break - no meeting
December 1: Jim Kurien
Relevant AI paper. Topic to be announced.
December 8: Bill Smart
"Analysis of Adaptation and Environment" by Ian Horswill.
December 15: Hagit Shatkay
- PAC Learning of Probabilistic Automata

Anthony Cassandra