AI Lunch: Spring 1996

AI Lunch in the Spring of 1996

February 8: Michael Littman Practice for thesis defense. Algorithms for Sequential Decision Making Abstract
February 15: Hagit Shatkay Practice talk for ICDE96. Approximate Queries and Representations for Large Data Sequences
*February 16: Ted Camus, Real-time Single-workstation Obstacle Avoidance Using Only Wide-field Flow Divergence. Abstract
February 22: Eric Brill - Part of speech tagging talk.
February 29: Michela Milano A meta constraint logic programming architecture for temporal reasoning Abstract
March 7: "Who needs planning?" Discussion led by Leslie Kaelbling
March 14: General discussion
March 21: Nir Friedman Learning Bayesian Networks with Local Structure Abstract
March 28: Spring Break - no meeting
April 4: Eugene's Deep Blue musings.
April 11: Brainstorming about neat but reasonable things to get robots to do.
April 18: Research comps presentation bazzare: Sonia Leach, Bill Smart and Sharon Caraballo
April 25: No meeting due to a scheduled faculty job talk.
May 2: Generalized MDPs: Michael Littman
May 9: Replaced by CS and Cognitive Science talk.

Anthony Cassandra