AI Lunch: Fall 1996

AI Lunch in the Fall of 1996

September 5: Best and worst from UAI'96.
September 12: Best and worst from AAAI'96.
September 18: Inferring Program Properties in Polynomial-Time (Abstract) - Robert Givan (rlg). This talk will be in Lubrano.
September 26: POMDPs for Dummies - Anthony Cassandra.
October 4: TBA.
October 11: Cancelled due to faculty meeting..
October 18: "Receptive Field Weighted Regression" - William Smart.
October 25: Thesis Defense - Lloyd Greewald. Held in Lubrano.
November 1: POMDP solution procedures - Bob Givan.
November 8: Perspectives on Propositional Planning - Shieu-Hong Lin.
November 15: A discussion of the (in)sufficiency of Bayesian networks - Hagit Shatkay.
November 22: Tom Mitchell - invited lecturer series.
November 29: Thanksgiving Break - no meeting.
December 6: TBA.
December 13: TBA.
December 20: TBA.

Anthony Cassandra