AI Lunch in the Fall of 1997

September 12 Discussion on paper "Steps toward artificial intelligence" by Marvin Minsky. - Leslie Kaelbling
September 18 ECP-97 talk - Tom Dean, Slides are available in mif or postscript format.
September 19 Thesis Defense, "Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes" - Tony Cassandra, Ph.D. Thesis in compressed postscript can be found here.
September 26 Discussion on paper "Input Generalization in Delayed Reinforcement Learning: An Algorithm and Preformance Comparisons" by David Chapman & Leslie Pack Kaelbling - Leslie Kaelbling
October 3 Planning and Control in Stochastic Domains with Imperfect Information - Milos Hauskrecht , abstract can be found here.
October 10 Exploration vs. Exploitation : The Stationary Markovian Case - Nicolas Meuleau, abstract can be found here.
October 24 The Dynamics of Reinforcement Learning in Cooperative Multiagent Systems - Craig Boutilier, abstract, paper in postscript.
October 31 Computational Biology - Leonid Peshkin
November 14 Summer Project at NASA - Sonia Leach
November 28 Thanks giving recess
December 4 Thesis Proposal Practice Talk, "Learning Models for Robot Navigation" - Hagit Shatkay
December 12 Bayesian exploration in MDP - Nicolas Meuleau
December 15 Algebraic Structure of Sequential Decision Machines - Tom Dean

Kee-Eung Kim