AI Lunch in the Spring of 1998

January 23 Organizational meeting. Discussion on "The Astonishing Hypothesis", Francis Crick
January 30 "Cortical activity flips among quasi-stationary states", M. Abeles et al. - Kee-Eung Kim
February 6 "Multi-Agent path planning based on task-swap negotiation"- Matteo Golfarelli
February 13 "Planning, Learning and Coordination in Multiagent Decision Processes" and "The Dynamics of Reinforcement Learning in Cooperative Multiagent Systems", Craig Boutilier , "A Generalized Reinforcement Learning Model: Convergence and Applications", Michael Littman & Csaba Szepesvari - Nicolas Meuleau & Matteo Golfarelli
February 20 "Learning Dynamical Systems using Temporal Bayesian Networks" - Luis Ortiz
March 6 Replaced by Faculty Search talk - Michael Black
March 13 Replaced by Faculty Search talk - Shamik Sharma
March 20 "Some recent result on the theory of multiagent reinforcement learning" - Nicolas Meuleau & Matteo Golfarelli
March 27 Replaced by Faculty Search talk by Amin Vahdat
April 2 "Active Markov Localization for Mobile Robots" - Dieter Fox, University of Bonn Robotics group
April 10 Replaced by invited talk - John Crawford, Intel corp.
April 17 "Computational Biology" - Sonia Leach 
April 24 "Recognition of Equations Using a Two-Dimensional Stochastic Context Free Grammar" by P.A.Chou - Kee-Eung Kim
April 30 "Hierarchical solution of Markov decision processes using macro-actions" - Milos Hauskrecht
May 1 Replaced by New England Reinforcement Learning Workshop, U.Mass, Amherst, MA.

Anthony Cassandra