AI Lunch: Summer 1995

AI Lunch in the Summer of 1995

This summer AI lunch will consist mainly of graduate students presenting interesting AI papers. A list of suggested papers are in /u/lpk/etc/papers-for-ailunch for those of you who have access to the CS department's files.

June 2: Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Final installment of ANOVA.
June 7: Michael L. Littman
Practice talk for his June 21st thesis proposal.
June 16: No meeting
June 21: Michael L. Littman
Thesis proposal. Note this is at 1:00 p.m. in the Lubrano Conference Room.
June 23: "On the Road" with Tom Dean
June 30: Anthony R. Cassandra
Learning policies for partially observable environments: Scaling up - A practice talk for the upcoming Machine Learning Conference.
July 7: No meeting
July 14: Andrew Duchon
Practice talk for Cognitive Science Society Conference
July 21: Yves Schabes from Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Deterministic Part-Of-Speech Tagging with Finite State Transducers - Abstract
July 28: Sharon Caraballo
Some paper from this summer's ACL.
August 4: No meeting
August 11: Shieu-Hong Lin
Presenting: Russell & Subramanian, Bounded Optimality, JAIR 1995.
August 18: No Meeting: UAI in Montreal
August 25: No Meeting: IJCAI in Montreal

Anthony Cassandra