Homework will be submitted via Gradescope.

All written assignments are required to be written in LaTeX submitted as PDFs.

We have provided a written assignment template, which we recommend using. You are free to use a different format if you choose, so long as it displays your Banner ID, along with those of your partner and collaborators, and does not place more than one problem on the same page.

We recommend using Overleaf for LaTeX editing. It provides excellent sharing functionality. You may also find this LaTeX Table Generator useful.
If you wish to include images in your writeups, they can be uploaded to Overleaf and inserted into your document; refer to this guide.

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1 Basic Game Theory Best Response Correspondences
2 Basic Auction Theory
3 The VCG Mechanism
4 Welfare Maximization
5 Revenue Maximization
6 Posted-Price Mechanisms
7 Approximation Mechanisms
8 EPIC Auctions
9 Walrasian Equilibrium
Final Project Final Project
AdX Game Description
Spectrum Auction Game Description
AdX Stencil Code
Spectrum Auction Stencil Code
Ad Exchange Leaderboard
Spectrum Auction Leaderboard