Required Readings
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Course Missive [PDF]
Collaboration Policy [PDF]
Piazza and TA Hours Policy [PDF]
SEAS Accommodation Request [Google Form]
Extension/Accommodation Request Form [Google Form]
Recommended Readings
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Dasgupta's Algorithms [PDF] [Amazon]
Algorithms Illuminated [Part 1, Part 2]
Document PDF Link
Java Documentation [Link]
Java Data Structures (NDS4) [Link]
Java Coding Conventions for CS16 [PDF]
Java Unit Testing Guide [PDF]
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Python Coding Conventions for CS16 [PDF]
Python Tips [PDF]
Python Testing Guide [Link]
Supplementary Materials
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Stack Trace and Common Errors [PDF]
Testing Guidelines [PDF]
PDF Submission Guide [PDF]
Induction Handout [PDF]
Introduction to LaTeX [PDF] [TEX]
LaTeX Template for Homework [TEX]
Pseudocode Standards [PDF] [TEX] [STY]
How to Improve Your Pseudocode [PDF]
Website with LaTeX Resources [Link]
Useful Tool to make Trees and Graphs [Link]
Section Rubric [PDF]
Learning Strategies [PDF] [.key]
Assignment Averages [Link]
Working from Home
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Fuse Setup (for working locally) [Link]
FastX (Platform agnostic) [Link]
PC Guide [Link]
Mac OS X & Linux Guide [Link]
Running Pytest Locally [PDF]
Department Resources
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Diversity and Inclusion [Link]
Ergonomic Equipment Rental [Link]