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Doug Woos

New Haven, VT


I've been at Brown for two years. Before that, I was in graduate school in Seattle; before that, I worked as a computer programmer in New York City. My interests include but are not limited to books, baseball, and the banjo.



Amy Pu

Randolph, NJ


I'm a dope HTA without a bio :D

Lionel Han

Vancouver, Canada


Hi! I am a rising senior concentrating in Computer Engineering. During my free time, I like to snowboard, play board games, and cuddle my cat! Also, I found the cutest little guy for my sea creature so take a look!

Lisa Yang

Montgomery County, MD


Hello! I’m a senior studying cs but I think my real job is making memes. If you have a good one plz share the joy (: stop by to chat about anything from rock climbing to movie plot holes (Black Widow really deserved a funeral and no one said anything)

Lucy Qu

New York City, NY


Hello 🤗 I’m from Queens, NY and I’m a senior studying computer science. I like anything related to arts and crafts 🎨. I also like fashion, eating desserts, drinking water, walking, and exploring new restaurants 🍜.


Damian Wasilewicz

Brooklyn, NY


Heyo! I’m a sophomore from New York City studying Computer Science. Outside of CS I play rugby, and I’m a sucker for LEGOs and Graphic Novels. Hyped to meet y’all!

Daniel Segel

New York, NY


Hi! I’m a sophomore CS concentrator from New York City. I enjoy traveling, learning new languages, binge-watching all of Hulu and Netflix, and guzzling copious amounts of caffeine.

Gaurav Sharma

New Delhi, India


Hi! I am a Graduate student on the AI/ML pathway. I am majorly interested in handling uncertainties in data streams using different machine learning algorithms. I am an aviation enthusiast and a big fan of conspiracy theories.

Geireann Lindfield Roberts

Cardiff, Wales, UK


Hi hi! My name has too many vowels which makes it difficult to pronounce (think “Ge-ren”). I’m a Sophomore studying CS and IAPA. See if you can catch me riding my bike around campus, or doing anything to escape the blue light of my computer screen. Ever wondered how fish sleep? Nor have I so drop by TA hours and lets discuss...

Henry Sowerby

Chicago, IL


Howdy! I’m a sophomore from Hyde Park, Chicago. I enjoy learning German, AI, playing tag at the park, and my first kiss was with a stingray in the Cayman Islands. Looking forward to meeting y’all!

Ian Gurland

New Jersey


Hello! I’m a freshman from New Jersey probably studying Math-CS. When I’m not coding I’m probably solving puzzles, watching Netflix, or playing some percussion instrument. I’m on campus this summer; if you see me make sure to say hi!

Kenya Kimata



Hello! I am a rising junior currently studying Computer Science. Whenever I have time (and also when I'm busy), I watch quite a lot of anime! Also, I love travelling, and hopefully I can travel to various countries and cities soon!

Maia Mongado

Sharon, MA


Hi! I’m a rising junior studying computer science and French. I love to watch movies and TV shows, read books (my favorite is the House of the Spirits), and try new foods. My favorite artist at the moment is Doja Cat. Welcome to CS16! :)

Megan Lu

Seattle, WA


Hi! I’m a sophomore studying CS and Art. I like reading, playing piano, drawing, and longboarding (attempting to)! Enjoy this baffled looking lil clownfish :)

Prashanth Ramireddy

Tampa, FL


Hi! I’m a senior studying computer engineering from Tampa, Florida. I love going to the beach, hiking, cars, and watching far too much Netflix for my own good.

Sam Hong

Diamond Bar, CA


hello everyone!! i’m a rising junior studying computational biology. in my free time i spend an unhealthy amount of time on tiktok and netflix, but recently have been also enjoying knitting and jigsaw puzzles :-)

Simran Shankardass

Mumbai, India


Hi! I’m a sophomore from Mumbai concentrating in APMA-CS. I love Hozier and Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips and Exercising Via Dance. Occasionally I draw (like once every two years) and I consider this enough to call myself an artist. Can’t wait to meet you guys!

Tyler Zickmund

Mocksville, NC


Hey y’all! I’m a rising Senior studying Computer Science. In my spare time, I like to make Books, make Bread, make pineapple Belong on pizza, and make Bad alliteration. I also stage manage shows from time to time, and at other times may spontaneously start reciting the Canterbury Tales for no good reason

Virak Pond-Tor

Cranston, RI


Hello! My name is Virak, but I also go by the name “V”. I’m a rising junior studying Computer Science and in my free time I like to play volleyball, skateboard, and watch anime.

Xinru Li

Chicago, IL


Hi there! I’m Xinru (pronounced “shin-rue”) :D. I’m a senior studying Music and CS. I love waving sticks and pretending I’m at Hogwarts (because I’m a conductor get it hehe). I once swore I would never write another line of code ever again after CS15 and please reach out if you wanna chat about that or anything else!!!

Xinzhe Chai

Ningbo, China


Hi, I am Chai and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science. My name means tea in many languages, but my favourite drink is Aloe Water. I like building websites, but only when Figma is provided to me. Good to meet you all!

Zackary Entwistle

Worcester, MA


Hi 🖐️☺️ I’m Zack and I’m a sophomore concentrating in CS. My fun fact is that I still don’t have my 12-year-old molars and my boring fact is that I’ve watched more than 20 seasons of Survivor this year (and counting!)


Lucas Gelfond

Los Angeles, LA


Hi everyone! I’m on leave right now but will be a sophomore studying (probably!) CS in the fall. I am a huge pop culture nerd (music/movies/books) and am always down to trade recs :) Please feel free to reach out to chat about ethical tech or anything else!

Ishaani Khatri

Wilmette, IL


Hi! I’m a 2021 graduate (woo!) in Computational Biology! :) In my free time, I love going on walks, watching Netflix (the Crown anyone?), and making a great collaborative playlist with the besties.