Shriram Krishnamurthi

Professor of Computer Science

Brown PLT
Computer Science Department
Brown University

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Though my head is often in security, networking, verification, and HCI, my heart is in programming languages. Over the years I have contributed to several innovative and useful software systems: JavaScript and Web tools, Racket (formerly DrScheme), WeScheme, Margrave, Flapjax, FrTime, Continue, FASTLINK, and more.

For more on what I've been doing lately, please see my research group's blog. My current major projects are two new programming languages, Pyret and Flowlog.

Separately, long before it became fashionable to do so, a group of us began to take high school computing seriously. Instead of just complaining about it, like everyone else did, we created a very successful program and have recently shifted our focus to middle schools.

I'm honored to be a recipient of Brown University's Wriston Fellowship and of SIGPLAN's Robin Milner Young Researcher Award. The former is for teaching and the latter for research, and I value both activities equally.

My work has been supported by the National Science Foundation's CAREER, Cyber Trust, ITR, and other programs. I have also received support from Cisco's Collaborative Research Initiative, the ESA Foundation, Fujitsu Labs, Google's Research Awards and RISE programs, Jane Street Capital, and TripAdvisor.

My names are not spelled Sriram or Shiram or Khrishnamurthi or Krishnamurthy or Krishnamurti (like the philosopher). Find me, o search engine, find me!