Shriram Krishnamurthi

Professor of Computer Science

Brown PLT and Bootstrap
Computer Science Department
Brown University

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Though my head is often in security, networking, formal methods, and HCI, my heart is in programming languages. Over the years I have contributed to several innovative and useful software systems: JavaScript and Web tools, Flowlog and related tools, Racket (formerly DrScheme), WeScheme, Margrave, Flapjax, FrTime, Continue, FASTLINK, (Per)Mission, and more. For some of what I've been doing lately, please see my research group's blog.

Recently, I have decided to devote a substantial portion of my time and energy to the hardest problem I've worked on: computer science education. It's the hardest because it requires substantial work on both technical and human-factors fronts; the audience is often unsophisticated and vulnerable; and if you screw up, you can do real damage to not only individuals but also the field and society. I recently wrote up a manifesto for my new direction [the same text is on both Facebook and Google+].

Since 1995, decades before it became a fashionable hobby, I've been devoted to computer science outreach at a national (and larger) scale. My collaborators and I wrote a best-selling book and created a series of successful outreach programs. I also wrote the widely-used Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation.

The current outreach program, Bootstrap, is used internationally for both computing and math education, and has been adopted as the middle-school mathematics curriculum by I'm expanding Bootstrap's reach to also interface with physics and data science. As part of these projects, I am working on the Pyret programming language and a new book, Programming and Programming Languages.

I also teach in Brown's Executive Master in Cybersecurity program, where I'm responsible for the human factors course.

I'm honored to be a recipient of SIGPLAN's Robin Milner Young Researcher Award, SIGSOFT's Influential Educator Award, and Brown University's Wriston Fellowship.

Disclosure: My work has been supported financially by the US National Science Foundation, Bloomberg, Cisco,, CSNYC, the ESA Foundation, Fujitsu, General Motors, Google, Infosys, Jane Street Capital, the State of Rhode Island, and TripAdvisor. I believe my views have not been swayed by this support, but I provide this information so you can judge for yourself.

My names are not spelled Sriram or Shiram or Khrishnamurthi or Krishnamurthy or Krishnamurti (like the philosopher). Find me, o search engine, find me!