0. I find that it takes an awful lot of time just to schedule an appointment. I therefore suggest starting with email. Many things are quite easy to take care of that way, and proceed a lot quicker.

Otherwise, to schedule an in-person meeting:

1. Make sure I'm in town. [show/hide]

2. Check my general week schedule.

Available Maybe Available Depends on Schedule Unavailable

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
0900-0930 class prep research class prep research class prep
1000-1030 0190 0190 0190
1100-1130 1730 1730 1730
1200-1230 lunch fac mtg lunch lunch sysread
1230-1300 office hours
1300-1330 research research research
after 1330 only in highly exceptional situations;
I prefer to be out and work later at night

3. Make sure I'm free on a specific day.

Can you make it to my office hours, Monday 12:30-1:30? Just make sure I'm in town. If you're coming to hours you don't need to schedule anything: just drop in!

Office hours exceptions: For the following weeks, I will be moving my office hours as noted (same time, different day):
Nov 5: cancelled
Nov 19: cancelled

Otherwise, view my calendar below. As you do:


4. Pick a time.

Please try to make it to my office hours, if at all possible.

If you can't, please try to find more than one date and time, because I may have constraints not publicly visible in my calendar.

5. Send me Email.