Gregory Cooper


I am the developer of FrTime, an extension of Racket with first-class events and behaviors, which allow programs to react to events without the use of callbacks or imperative operations. Instead, the program expresses dataflow relationships between events and behaviors (known generally as signals), and the language keeps their values up-to-date as the environment changes. FrTime is inspired and informed by work on functional reactive programming.

A key design goal in FrTime is to make it feel like Racket, rather than a completely new language. FrTime is distributed with the Racket programming environment. The core ideas have also been adapted to JavaScript, to create Flapjax, a language for interactive Web applications.


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Teaching Garbage Collection without Implementing Compilers or Interpreters

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Thialfi: A Client Notification Service for Internet-Scale Applications

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Flapjax: A Programming Language for Ajax Applications

My thesis (2008).

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Lowering: A Static Optimization for Transparent Functional Reactivity

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Adapting Object-Oriented Frameworks to Functional Reactive Languages

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The Design and Implementation of a Dataflow Language for Scriptable Debugging

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Embedding Dynamic Dataflow in a Call-by-Value Language

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A Dataflow Language for Scriptable Debugging

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Scheduling and Priority-Mapping for Static Real-Time Middleware

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Real-Time CORBA

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Concurrency Control in Real-Time Object-Oriented Systems: the Affected Set Priority Ceiling Protocols


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