Please see my calendar.

I actively use Google Plus and Facebook.

I'm still figuring out Twitter (@ShriramKMurthi).

I answer questions on Quora.

Mainly to avoid identity theft, I also have an account on LinkedIn.

Note that any accounts other than the above are not mine.

Brown CS student:
Email away! I'm here for you! (Though it might be easier to just swing by my office. If it's open, I'm here and happy to talk.)

Non-CS Brown student:
Feel free to email me, though I'm unlikely to have time for any projects or startup opportunities. Please follow this advice.

Prospective intern, grad student, postdoc, research visitor, ...:
Thanks for your interest, but please read this first. If you don't I will know, and I'm afraid I will have to ignore your message.

Research colleague:
Fire away!

Business or legal consulting:
I do a handful for interesting clients. Start here, and we'll move the conversation to the appropriate medium.

Anyone else:
Please understand that I get up to 100 non-spam email messages every day. If you are expecting me to do something for you (including reply), please follow this advice.

My email address is <>.

Please note that I am trying to practice Slow Email, so don't expect instant replies.

Saara Moskowitz

But don't contact her to get in touch with me, schedule something with me, etc. I manage my own correspondence and calendar. Just contact me.

CIT 377
Campus Extension: 3-7722
FAX: +1 401-863-7657 (please put my name on the cover sheet)

Unless we already know each other, or you're calling in an emergency, please don't call unsolicited. Please first schedule a time to talk via email.

Department Phone: +1 401-863-7600
Office Phone: +1 401-863-7722
If I don't answer, my phone automatically forwards to the department phone. During working hours a secretary answers and can take messages (including requests to send me email).

For a shipper (like FedEx) who wants a street address, use

Shriram Krishnamurthi
Computer Science Department
Brown University
115 Waterman Street, FOURTH Floor
Providence, RI 02912
+1 401-863-7600 (department's reception, always staffed during working hours)
For regular postal mail, use
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Computer Science Department
Box 1910, Brown University
Providence, RI 02912-1910

Get it here.