Please see my calendar.

I actively use Google Plus and Facebook.

I'm still figuring out Twitter (@ShriramKMurthi).

I answer questions on Quora.

Mainly to avoid identity theft, I also have an account on LinkedIn.

Note that any accounts other than the above are not mine.

If you are a prospective

writing to express interest in working with me, please read this first. If you don't I will know, and I will just ignore you. (Obviously, if you don't fall in these categories, go ahead and write away!)

I get nearly 100 non-spam emails every day. As a result, I spend far too much time on email. If you are expecting me to do something for you (including reply), and you aren't experienced writing to people with high mail volume, please read this article. It'll improve your email habits writing to anyone, but also matches my expectations.

My email address is <>.

Please note that I am trying to practice Slow Email, so don't expect instant replies.

Saara Moskowitz

CIT 377
Campus Extension: 3-7722
FAX: +1 401-863-7657 (please put my name on the cover sheet)

Unless we already know each other, or you're calling in an emergency, please don't call unsolicited. Please first schedule a time to talk via email.

Department Phone: +1 401-863-7600
Office Phone: +1 401-863-7722
If I don't answer, my phone automatically forwards to the department phone. During working hours a secretary answers and can take messages (including requests to send me email).

For a shipper (like FedEx) who wants a street address, use

Shriram Krishnamurthi
Computer Science Department
Brown University
115 Waterman Street, FOURTH Floor
Providence, RI 02912
+1 401-863-7600 (department's reception, always staffed during working hours)
For regular postal mail, use
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Computer Science Department
Box 1910, Brown University
Providence, RI 02912-1910

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