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The conference pages contains entries for the following conferences:

Entries for each conference link to the following locations in the website:
Hypertext'96 conference, 
		Aberer, Karl
		Allan, James
		Balcom, David
		Bapat, Ajit
		Barbosa, Simone D. J.
		Bareiss, Ray
		Buckley, Chris
		Buford, John F.
		Cleary, Chip
		Cockburn, Andy
		Davidson, Andrew
		Davis, Hugh C.
		Dieberger, Andreas
		Garzotto, Franca
		Girgensohn, Andreas
		Greco, Diane
		Griffiths, Steve R.
		Gronbaek, Kaj
		Haake, Anja
		Haake, Jorg M.
		Hall, Wendy
		Hara, Yoshinori
		Hicks, David
		Hirata, Kyoji
		Jones, Steve
		Kawasaki, Shigehito
		Kendall, Robert
		Lee, Alison
		Leggett, John J.
		Lewis, Paul H.
		Loke, Seng Wai
		Mainetti, Luca
		Mitra, Mandar
		Nurnberg, Peter J.
		Osterbye, Kasper
		Paolini, Paolo
		Rosenberg, Jim
		Rossi, Gustavo
		Salton, Gerald
		Sawhney, Nitin "Nick"
		Schlueter, Kevin
		Schnase, John L.
		Schneider, Erich R.
		Schwabe, Daniel
		Singhal, Amit
		Smith, Ian
		Takano, Hajime
		Tolva, John
		Trigg, Randall H.
		Wasch, Jurgen
		Weiss, Ron
		Wiil, Uffe Kock
		Wilkins, Rob J.
		Aalborg University
		Aarhus University
		Cornell University
		Georgia Institute of Technology
		Massachusetts Institute of Technology
		Missouri Botanical Garden
		NEC Corporation
		New School for Social Research
		Northwestern University
		NYNEX Science and Technology
		Politecnico di Milano
		Pontificia Universidade Catolica
		Texas A&M University
		University of Abertay Dundee
		University of Canterbury
		University of Massachusetts
		University of Massachusetts Lowell
		University of Melbourne
		University of Southampton
		Washington University
		Xerox PARC
		A Study of Navigational Support Provided by Two World Wide Web Browsing Applications
		Automatic Hypertext Link Typing
		Automatic Text Decomposition Using Text Segments and Text Themes
		Browsing the WWW by Interacting with a Textual Virtual Environment - A Framework for Experimenting with Navigational Metaphors
		Content-oriented Integration in Hypermedia Systems
		Evaluating HyTime: An Examination and Implementation Experience
		Experiences in Developing Collaborative Applications Using the World Wide Web 'Shell'
		HyperCafe: Narrative and Aesthetic Properties of Hypervideo
		Hypermedia Operating Systems: A New Paradigm for Computing
		HyperStorM: An Extensible Object-Oriented Hypermedia Engine
		Hypertext with Consequences: Recovering a Politics of Hypertext
		Hypertextual Dynamics in 'A Life Set for Two'"
		HyPursuit: A Hierarchical Network Search Engine that Exploits Content-Link Hypertext Clustering
		Information Reuse in Hypermedia Applications
		Logic Programming with the World-Wide Web
		Media-based Navigation with Generic Links
		Practical Methods for Automatically Generating Typed Links
		Systematic Hypermedia Application Design with OOHDM
		The Flag Taxonomy of Open Hypermedia Systems
		The HyperDisco Approach to Open Hypermedia Systems
		The Structure of Hypertext Activity
		Toward a Dexter-based Model for Open Hypermedia: Unifying Embedded References and Link Objects
		Ut Pictura Hyperpoesis: Spatial Form, Visuality, and the Digital Word
		VerSE: Towards Hypertext Versioning Styles
		A Life Set for Two
		Design Intent
		Extended Dexter model
		Flag taxonomy
		NYNEX Portholes

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