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The conference pages contains entries for the following conferences:

Entries for each conference link to the following locations in the website:
ECHT'92 conference, 
		Amann, Bernd
		Bernstein, Mark
		Bolter, Jay David
		Brown, Peter J.
		Buchanan, M. Cecelia
		Caloini, Andrea
		Davis, Hugh C.
		De Bra, Paul
		Dittrich, G.
		Francois, Claire
		Frei, H. P.
		Furuta, Richard 
		Gibbs, Simon
		Gronbaek, Kaj
		Guinan, Catherine
		Haake, Anja
		Haake, Jorg M.
		Hall, Wendy
		Hannemann, Jorg
		Harada, Komei
		Heath, Ian
		Hill, Gary
		Houben, Geert-Jan
		Jones, Robert Alun
		Joyce, Michael
		Kahn, Paul
		Kornatzky, Yoram
		Landow, George P.
		Leggett, John J.
		Lelu, Alain
		Lemke, Andreas
		Levine, David
		Marmann, Michael 
		Marshall, Catherine C.
		Monnard, J.
		Moulthrop, Stuart
		Ogawa, Ryuichi
		Osterbye, Kasper
		Pasquier-Boltuck, J.
		Pong, Man-Chi
		Quint, Vincent
		Ritchie, Ian
		Rizk, Antoine 
		Rogers, Russel A.
		Rouet, Jean-Francois
		Ruiz, J. Cyrano
		Sauter, Louis
		Schlageter, Gunter
		Scholl, Michel
		Schuler, Wolfgang
		Schutt, Helge A.
		Smeaton, Alan F.
		Spiro, Rand
		Stieger, D.
		Stotts, P. David
		Streitz, Norbert A.
		Taguchi, Daigo
		Tanaka, Eiichiro
		Thuring, Manfred
		Tochtermann, K.
		Trigg, Randall H.
		Vatton, Irene
		Wiil, Uffe Kock
		Wilkins, Rob J.
		Zellweger, Polle T.
		Zheng, Yi
		Aalborg University
		Aarhus University
		Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
		Brown University
		Bull Lpam
		Cedric CNAM
		Dublin City University
		Eastgate Systems
		Eindhoven University of Technology
		ENST/Economie et Management
		Georgia Institute of Technology
		Gettysburg College
		Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
		NEC Corporation
		OWL International Inc.
		Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
		Texas A&M University
		Universite de Geneve
		University of Dortmund
		University of Fribourg
		University of Hagen
		University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
		University of Kent at Cantebury
		University of Maryland
		University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
		University of Pittsburgh
		University of Southampton
		Vassar College
		Xerox PARC
		An Extensible Data Model for Hyperdocuments
		An Object-Oriented Scripting Environment for the WEBS's Electronic Book System
		Cognitive Processing of Hyperdocuments: When Does Nonlinearity Help?
		Combining Hypertext and Structured Documents in Grif
		Contours of Constructive Hypertexts
		CoVer: A Contextual Version Server for Hypertext Applications
		Design Issues for a Dexter-Based Hypermedia System
		Design Strategies for Scenario-Based Hypermedia: Description of Its Structure, Dynamics, and Style
		Fishing for Clarity in Hyperdocuments with Enhanced Fisheye-Views
		Gram: A Graph Data Model and Query Language
		Hyperdocuments as Automata: Trace-Based Browsing Property Verification
		Hyperform: Using Extensibility to Develop Dynamic, Open, and Distributed Hypertext Systems
		Hypertext Paradigm in the Field of Information Retrieval: A Neural Approach
		Imagined Conversations: The Relevance of Hypertext, Pragmatism, and Cognitive Flexibility Theory to the Interpretation of 'Classic Texts' in Intellectual History
		Information Retrieval from Hypertext Using Dynamically Planned Guided Tours
		Making Use of Hypertext Links When Retrieving Information
		Matching Hypertext Models to Hypertext Systems: A Compilative Approach
		Multicard: An Open Hypermedia Systems
		See Also publications
		SEPIA: A Cooperative Hypermedia Authoring Environment
		Specifying Temporal Behavior in Hypermedia Documents
		Structural and Cognitive Problems in Providing Version Control for Hypertext
		Towards a Better Support for Hypermedia Structuring: The HYDESIGN Model
		Towards a Rhetoric of Informating Texts
		Towards An Integrated Information Environment With Open Hypermedia Systems
		Two Years Before the Mist: Experiences with Aquanet
		UNIX Guide: Lessons from Ten Years' Development
		Using Statecharts to Model Hypertext
		Where's the Hypertext? The Dickens Web as a System-Independent Hypertext
		The Future of Electronic Literacy: Will Hypertext Ever Find Acceptance?
		Video Nodes and Video Webs: Uses of Video in Hypermedia
		Virtual Reality and the Future of Hypertext
		DHM (DeVise Hypermedia)
		Dickens Web
		extensible data model
		fisheye views, enhanced 
		Gram model
		statechart modeling
Hypertext'93 conference, 
		Allan, James
		Bareiss, Ray
		Blake, G. Elizabeth
		Bulterman, Dick C.A.
		Chang, Daniel T.
		Charoenkitkarn, Nipon
		Chignell, Mark H.
		Coney, Mary
		Golovchinsky, Gene
		Gronbaek, Kaj
		Hara, Yoshinori
		Hardman, Lynda
		Hem, Jens A.
		Hirabayashi, Fusako
		Hirata, Kyoji
		Ichimura, Satoshi
		Katsumoto, Michiaki
		Lawton, Daryl T.
		Leggett, John J.
		Lucarella, Dario
		Madsen, Ole L.
		Marshall, Catherine C.
		Matsushita, Yutaka
		Michalak, Susan
		Nanard, Jocelyne
		Nanard, Marc
		Noik, Emanuel G.
		Osgood, Richard
		Parisotto, Stefano
		Parunak, H. Van Dyke
		Raymond, Darrell R.
		Salton, Gerard
		Shackelford, Douglas E.
		Shibata, Naoki
		Shibata, Yoshitaka
		Shipman, III, Frank M.
		Sloth, Lennert
		Smith, F. Donelson
		Smith, Ian A.
		Smith, John B.
		Tam, Jim
		Tompa, Frank William
		van Rossum, Guido
		Wiil, Uffe Kock
		Zanzi, Antonella
		Aalborg University
		Aarhus University
		Cornell University
		Georgia Institute of Technology
		Industrial Technology Institute
		Keio University
		NEC Corporation
		Northwestern University
		Passage Systems
		Texas A&M University
		Toyo University
		Universita degli Studi di Milano
		University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
		University of Toronto
		University of Washington
		University of Waterloo
		Xerox PARC
		Another Dimension to Hypermedia Access
		Applying AI Models to the Design of Exploratory Hypermedia Systems
		Browsing Through Querying: Designing for Electronic Books
		Concurrency Control in Collaborative Hypertext Systems
		Designing Dexter-Based Cooperative Hypermedia Systems
		Dynamic Hypertext and Knowledge Agent Systems for Multimedia Information Networks
		Exploring Large Hyperdocuments: Fisheye Views of Nested Networks
		HieNet: A User-Centered Approach for Automatic Link Generation
		Hypercubes Grow on Trees (and Other Observations from the Land of Hypersets)
		Hypertext and the Author/Reader Dialogue
		Hypertext by Link-Resolving Components
		Links in Hypermedia: the Requirement for Context
		Media-Based Navigation for Hypermedia Systems
		MORE: Multimedia Object Retrieval Environment
		Searching for the Missing Link: Discovering Implicit Structure in Spatial Hypertext
		Selective Text Utilization and Text Traversal
		Should Anchors Be Typed Too? An Experiment with MacWeb
		The Architecture and Implementation of a Distributed Hypermedia Storage System
		The Knowledge Weasel Hypermedia Annotation System
		ASK systems
		concurrency control in collaborative hypertext
		DHM (DeVise Hypermedia)
		fisheye views of nested networks
		Knowledge Weasel
		link resolution hypertext
		Metanodes and Metalinks and Frasses
		passage retrieval systems
		spatial hypertext
		spatial hypertext

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