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The conference pages contains entries for the following conferences:

Entries for each conference link to the following locations in the website:
ECHT'90 conference
authors, Afrati, Foto Andersen, Peter Bogh Barbieri, G. Bechtel, Brian L. Beeri, Catriel Bennett, Patrick R. Bernstein, Mark Biennier, Frederique Brown, Peter J. Bruza, Peter D. Buivarch, Michel d'Oronzio, Peter S. Davis, Hugh C. DeYoung, Laura Feijo, Bruno Fountain, Andrew M. Furuta, Richard Guimaraes, N.M. Hall, Wendy Hansen, Wilfred J. Harada, Hiroaki Heath, Ian Heath, Sebastian Hofmann, Martin Irler, W. J. Kaneko, Asao Kornatzky, Yoram Koutras, Constantinos D. Krause, Werther G. Langendorfer, Horst Lucarella, Dario McCall, Raymond J. McInerny, Michael Mylonas, Elli Neuendorffer, Tom Ogawa, Ryuichi Ostwald, Jonathan L. Pinon, Jean-Marie Pintado, Xavier Puttress, J.J. Rouet, Jean-Francois Schreiweis, Uwe Schuler, Wolfgang Schutt, Helge A. Schwabe, Daniel Sherman, Mark Shipman, III, Frank M. Smith, John B. Stotts, P. David Streitz, Norbert A. Tsichritzis, Dennis Wallace, Nathan F. Wilson, Eve institutions, Apple Computer AT&T Bell Laboratories C&C Information Technology Research Laboratories Carnegie Mellon University Eastgate Systems GMD-IPSI Harvard University Hebrew University INSA de Lyon Institut fur Betriebssysteme und Rechnerverbund National Technical University of Athens Pontificia Universidade Catolica Price Waterhouse Technology Centre The University Universita degli Studi di Milano Universita di Trento Universite de Geneve Universite de Poitiers University of Aarhus University of Colorado at Boulder University of Kent at Canterbury University of Maryland University of Nijmegen University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Southampton papers, A Hypertext Model Supporting Query Mechanisms A Logical Query Language for Hypertext Systems A Model for Hypertext-Based Information Retrieval An Apprentice That Discovers Hypertext Links An Integrated Approach of Knowledge Acquisition by the Hypertext System CONCORDE Assessing the Quality of Hypertext Documents Author's Argumentation Assistant (AAA): A Hypertext-Based Authoring Tool for ARgumentative Texts Browsing in Hyperdocuments with the Assistance of a Neural Network Building Hypertext on a Multimedia Toolkit: An Overview of Andrew Toolkit Hypermedia Facilities HyperBase: A Hypermedia Engine Based on a Relational Database Management System Hyperindices: A Novel Aid for Searching in Hypermedia Hypertext from the Data Point of View: Paths and Links in the Perseus Project Inside Macintosh as Hypertext Intelligent Hypertext for Normative Knowledge in Engineering Interactive Text Processing by Inexperienced (Hypert-)Readers Linking Considered Harmful Links and Structures in Hypertext Databases for Law Microcosm: An Open Model for Hypermedia with Dynamic Linking Nierarchy, Composition, Scripting Languages, and Translators for Structured Hypertext Non-Intrusive Hypertext Anchors and Individual Colour Markings PHIDIAS: Integrating CAD Graphics into Dynamic Hypertext Satellite: Hypermedia Navigation by Affinity See Also publications The Toolkit Approach to Hypermedia Towards an Aesthetics of Hypertext Systems. A Semiotic Approach projects, AAA Andrew Toolkit CONCORDE HOT HyperBase (GMD) hyperindices Inside Macintosh Link Apprentice Microcosm Perseus PHIDIAS SaTellite ToolBook Trellis Videobook Hypertext'91 conference, ABC (Artifact-Based Collaboration), authors, Arons, Barry Bernstein, Mark Bieber, Michael Bolter, Jay David Botafogo, Rodrigo A. Boy, Guy A. Casanova, Marco A. Catlin, Karen Smith Creech, Michael L. Egan, Dennis E. Ess, Charles Frasson, Claude Freeze, Dennis F. Furuta, Richard Garrett, L. Nancy Garzotto, Franca Gloor, Peter A. Glushko, Robert J. Griss, Martin L. Haake, Jorg M. Halasz, Frank G. Hannemann, Jorg Hara, Yoshinori Janssen Jr., William C. Joyce, Michael Kaindl, Hermann Kaltenbach, Marc Keller, Arthur M. Ketchum, R. Daniel Lai, Patrick Landauer, Thomas K. Launhardt, Julie A. Lesk, Michael E. Lima, Maria Julia D. Littman, Michael Lochbaum, Carol C. Malcolm, Kathryn C. Manber, Udi Marshall, Catherine C. Moulthrop, Stuart Mylonas, Elli Nanard, Jocelyne Nanard, Marc Netto, Jose L. Rangel Paolini, Paolo Parunak, H. Van Dyke Poltrock, Steven E. Remde, Joel R. Robillard, Francois Rodriguez, Noemi Rogers, Russell A. Samuelson, Pamela Schuler, Douglas Schwabe, Daniel Shneiderman, Ben Smith, F. Donelson Smith, John B. Snaprud, Mikael Soares, Luiz F. G. Stotts, P. David Thuring, Manfred Tucherman, Luiz Wiederhold, Gio Wright, Patricia institutions, Bellcore Bishop's University Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group Boeing Computer Services Boston College Brown University Drury College Eastgate Systems Georgia Institute of Technology GMD-IPSI Harvard University Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Hypertext Engineering IBM Brasil Industrial Technology Institute Jackson Community College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit NASA Ames Research Center Politecnico di Milano Pontificia Universidade Catolica Siemens AG Osterreich Stanford University Technische Universitat Wien Universite de Montreal University of Arizona University of Florida University of Maryland University of Monpellier University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Pittsburgh Xerox PARC papers, ABC: A Hypermedia System for Artifact-Based Collaboration Aquanet: A Hypertext tool to Hold Your Knowledge in Place Architectures for Volatile Hypertext Beyond the Electronic Book: A Critique of Hypertext Rhetoric Cognitive Overheads and Prostheses: some Issues in Evaluating Hypertexts CYBERMAP: Yet Another Way of Navigating in Hyperspace Don't Link Me In: Set-Based Hypermedia for Taxonomic Reasoning Dynamic Adaptation of Hypertext Structure Flying Through Hypertext HDM - A Model for the Design of Hypertext Applications Hypermedia Templates: An Author's Tool Hyperspeech: Navigating in Speech-Only Hypermedia Hypertext and Structured Object Representation: A Unifying View Hypertext for the Electronic Library? CORE Sample Results Identifying Aggregates in Hypertext Structures Implementing Hypertext Database Relationships Through Aggregations and Exceptions Indexing Hypertext Documents in Context Industrial Strength Hypermedia: Requirements for a Large Engineering Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights for Digital Library and Hypertext Publishing Systems: An Anlysis of Xanadu Issues in Modeling a "Dynamic" Hypertext Interface for Non-Hypertext Systems Screen Management in Hypertext Systems with Rubber Sheet Layouts The Nested Context Model for Hyperdocuments The Pedagogy of Computing: Hypermedia in the Classroom Using Hypertext in Selecting Reusable Software Components Using Structured Types to Incorporate Knowledge in Hypertext What's Eliza Doing in the Chinese Room? Incoherent Hyperdocuments - And How to Avoid Them projects, ABC ACE Aquanet bridge laws CID CORE CYBERMAP flying through hypertext HDM Hypermedia Templates HyperSet hyperspeech Intermedia Kiosk Lynx MacWeb nested context model rubber sheet layouts Storyspace Trellis Xanadu

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