Programming with
Data Structures and Algorithms

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Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk) is from Bangalore, India. Before moving to the USA, he lived in Texas. He is a meticulous collector of stuffed animals and of Asterix in many languages.

Head TA

Ethan Cecchetti (ececchet) is a sophomore from Massachusetts. He is concentrating in Math-Computer Science and spends much of his free time playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Undergraduate TAs

Jake Eakle (jeakle) hails from Sebastopol, California, the home of O'Reilly Media, where he almost got an internship one time. He has taught juggling at a circus camp and sold rare books online. His CS interests include web programming, games, and interface design, but he really has no idea what he'll end up doing.
Alvin Kerber (akerber) is a junior concentrating in mathematics. He has been fascinated by computer science since an early encounter with the Animal Game. His current interests include physics, esoteric programming languages, explosive chemicals, and food.
Alex Kruckman (akruckma) is a senior concentrating in mathematics and music. His interests include logic, sounds, board games, and TAing introductory computer science classes. His favorite type of muffin is lemon poppyseed.
Jonathan Sailor (jon) has been working with computers for a long time. He currently studies, works as a TA, and works as a SPOC within the CS department. His other interests include mathematics, psychology, listening to music, Japanese animation, rock climbing, and hanging out with friends at TechHouse.