Programming with
Data Structures and Algorithms

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Welcome to cs019! Your official materials use the designator CSCI0190, but that naming and numbering convention was imposed by a very expensive—and hence very deficient—piece of software that Brown purchased. Just to show that we won't let bad software rule our lives, we're choosing to use the old designation. The course follows the same principle.

This year, cs019 has a new instructor and new staff. The resulting course is nothing like its previous incarnations. If you thought the previous version was sublime, you may very well dislike it now (though maybe not); if you didn't like the previous version, you may love this (though, again, maybe not). When in doubt, always read the README....

Having read the README, some of you might wonder whether you already need to know Scheme. Not at all; we teach it to you from scratch. What you can do, if you're looking to prepare for the course, is get back up to speed with your Java, because the first assignment is in Java.

If you still have questions, ask away!

The class meets MWF 11-12 in room CIT 219. (The CIT is on the corner of Brook and Waterman, next to the Sciences Library; see Facilities Management's map and search for WATSONCIT.)

If you take this class, you'll also need to read our…

We use the DrScheme programming environment. To work outside the CIT, you'll need to follow these instructions.