Lectures -- Spring 2005

Class Date Topic Notes/Web Homework Reading
1st 01/31/05 Range searching, point enclosure Dynamic computational geometry (pp. 1-25)   CGa:1, CGb:5.1-5:10.3
2nd 02/07/05 Interval trees, priority search trees Relational Interval Tree Demo
Priority Search Tree Demo
  CGa:8.8, CGb:10.1-2
3rd 02/14/05 Point location: slab method, chain method, JDSL Point Location Demo
JDSL Advanced
JDSL Lecture
2D range-search example
HW1 out
Archive hw1.tar
-- 02/21/05 no class (long weekend)      
4th 02/28/05 Point location: trapezoid method

5th 03/07/05 Fractional cascading
HW1 due
CGa:2.4, CGb:5.6
6th 03/14/05 Plane-sweep algorithms Plane Sweep Demo
Project selection due
CGa:7.2.3:8, CGb:2.1
7th 03/21/05 Path planning Convex Hull Visualization
-- 03/28/05 no class (spring break)      
8th 04/04/05 Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations Voronoi Diagram Demo
Robot Path Planning Using a Voronoi Diagram
Visualization of Robot Path Planning
  CGa:3:5, CGb:7:9
9th 04/11/05 Tree drawings Graph Drawing

10th 04/18/05 Planar drawings
Projects due
HW2 out
11th 04/25/05 Drawings of general graphs

-- 05/02/05
  Revised projects due: Dan and Suamporn
HW2 due

Revised projects due: Tamaki, Vishal and Onur

Class Presentations
in Lubrano

This schedule is subject to change.
In the Reading column, B:n.i-j means sections i through j of chapter n of book B, where GD refers to the Graph Drawing book, CGa refers to the computational geometry book by Preparata and Shamos, and CGb refers to the other computational geometry book.

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